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Welcoming Services San Diego

 "Our Services Bring Success!"    

Mira Mesa Fair 2015

Leo, Laurence and Brian

SDC Fair 2015

Kathy Anita Jonathan Anke and Shaline

Karen Cielo Anne Katrin Freddy Ryan Paula and Lee

Santee Fair May 2015

Porama, Jonathan and Anke

Grand Ave Festival 2015

Penasquitos Fair 2015

Sandra Geno and Ed

Welcoming Committee @ Vista Rod Run

Patricia, Andrea, Anke, Diana and Joshi

The Welcoming Committee at Vista!

Sonia, Anita, Gaby, Robin and Diana

Welcoming Services Committee

Theresa, Christine, Diana, Patricia and Anke!

Dr Myrna & Laurence

RB Alive 2014

The Welcoming Committee

Street Fair 2014

"We at Welcoming Services San Diego

are proud people to deliver the good

news to the neigborhood!"

If you are interested in becoming a part of Welcoming Committee please contact us by sending email at

Benefits of being a part of our Welcoming Committee:

Free fair promotions

Promote your business to the newcomers for FREE

Receive free perks from generous sponsors!